Saturday, November 3, 2018

Podcast Episode "Upbringing"

Upbringing is the backstory of my Bariatric Journey. Family life, childhood, and dealing with weight gain through the years from 7th grade through high school. Weight loss programs I joined. Years of my doctors trying to motivate me to get my weight under control to a point they would say "You are a good candidate for gastric bypass". Dealing with health issues like Ovarian Cyst and Cancer of the Uterus before the age of 21 was a lot to recover from along with having Sleep Apnea and Hypertension.  A light turned on and decided research into what Bariatric surgery was all about.

Podcast Available on 10 Platforms

Bariatric Stories Podcast is currently available to listen on 10 platforms. 
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Welcome to Bariatric Stories Blog

This blog will be in parallel with the podcast of the same name. My name is Rinda and I will be sharing my experiences with weight loss surgery. Of course, it will not be entirely about me. I will have stories from others who would like to share their journey too. All experiences are not exactly the same and we are all from different upbringing, cultures, and lifestyles.  Our stories will bring an incredible value to those who are thinking about weight loss surgery.