Tuesday, March 26, 2019

"First Call" - Episode Transcript

... and it is already March 2019!

First of all, I would like to apologize for breaking the promise I made in January that my goals for this New Year were to buckle down and get this podcast moving. I haven't done anything for 2 months. Shame on me. Thank you so much for your continued support. I have noticed new listeners and downloads across the various podcasting platforms that Bariatric Stories can be listened from. A list of how you can listen to the podcast is listed to the left of this blog. 

I hope January and February was a great start for you in many ways.

Q1: Do you set New Year Goals or New Year Resolutions? Which is easier for you to stick with?

I have learned over the years that NY resolutions don't last more than 3 months. Goals work better for me either health wise or other things I'd want to accomplish.

As for me, I started a new job on Jan 7th. Visited my parents in Las Vegas the first week of Feb. It was also my mom's birthday and parent's 45th anniversary. Love 'em. Valentines Day was mellow with a Hello Kitty Pillow and of course a box of chocolates, which I usually don't get a chance to finish.

Q2: No matter where you are in your weight loss journey... How did you do on Valentine's Day and if you had great support from your loved ones?

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So... this episode "First Call" is the continuation of "Upbringing" back in Oct.

Q3: What was the pinnacle moment or personal event that made you decide on getting more information on Bariatric Surgery?

For me, I made the decision to look into the procedure and program in Oct 2009 while in a hospital waiting room. Waiting for a relative in surgery for breast cancer.  After years of my doctors suggested I look into surgery. I finally decided to make that initial call to Queens Medical Center Comprehensive Weight Loss Management Program here in Honolulu, Hawaii.  They had information meetings every other Friday. What helped me the most was bringing my mom and Aunty to the meeting with me.

Make sure you have some type of support team with you so they will get the same information you got and all of their questions answered. I knew that they would ask me questions the moment I got home, so I brought them. Let the doctors and speakers answer their questions. They covered the different type of procedures, pros and cons, cost estimates, and introduced the program doctors and nurses.  Current patients shared their experiences too.

3 days after the meeting, I made my decision to move forward and scheduled all of my appointments. My PCP was happy to submit my referral and released my medical records to the program the moment I gave him my clearance forms. Make sure to contact your insurance carrier to determine eligibility for the pre-op visits, testing, lab work, surgery, hospital costs, and post-op visits.  My insurance most of the pre-op work, but a portion of the surgery and hospital costs, so my family helped.  I kept my employer in the loop because I would have all those appointments to keep and the time out of work for recovery which was 3 weeks.

I have learned at the first appointment with the MD, I had to fill out a long health questionnaire that covered general health history, psychological & emotional triggers, eating habits, activity level, and weight goals.  Additional appointments to meet with the Dietitian and Psychologist included their own specific questionnaires too.  A goal weight had to be met before all the doctors gave the Greenlight to set the surgery date, so I already had to start losing weight.

Q4: How much information did you need to get at the meeting to make your decision to move forward?

Q5: How much did your medical insurance cover?

I wanted to get the Sleeve, but at the time, it was a fairly new procedure (3-4 years), my choices were either the Band or RnY.

Q6: Which procedure did you prefer? Did the doctors agree or suggested otherwise?

Post your responses to the questions above by commenting below.

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