Rinda's Picks

Over the years from pre-op to the current date, I have tried many products that gave me many healthy options. Some of them I generally loved, but most are because my body didn't reject them. Through the years, my choice in types of vitamins, protein drinks, and snacks have changed. I mean, to be honest, after a while you'd like to try something different. As you will see on my list below.

All of the products posted are all items I purchased and use. I do NOT get paid for product mentions by the companies.

Bariatric Advantage

Most WLS patients commonly use supplements from Bariatric Advantage during pre-op and throughout the first few years after surgery. The items I highly used in my first 3 years are the Multi-Vitamins, Calcium Chews, Chewable Iron, and B12.  I am planning to restart BA and interested in trying the Chewable FloraVantage Probiotic and FloraVantage Control Probiotic.

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